Cloudera Administrator



    Demonstrate an understanding of the installation process for Cloudera Manager, CDH, and the ecosystem projects.

    • Set up a local CDH repository
    • Perform OS-level configuration for Hadoop installation
    • Install Cloudera Manager server and agents
    • Install CDH using Cloudera Manager
    • Add a new node to an existing cluster
    • Add a service using Cloudera Manager


    Perform basic and advanced configuration needed to effectively administer a Hadoop cluster

    • Configure a service using Cloudera Manager
    • Create an HDFS user’s home directory
    • Configure NameNode HA
    • Configure ResourceManager HA
    • Configure proxy for Hiveserver2/Impala


    Maintain and modify the cluster to support day-to-day operations in the enterprise

    • Rebalance the cluster
    • Set up alerting for excessive disk fill
    • Define and install a rack topology script
    • Install new type of I/O compression library in cluster
    • Revise YARN resource assignment based on user feedback
    • Commission/decommission a node


    Enable relevant services and configure the cluster to meet goals defined by security policy; demonstrate knowledge of basic security practices

    • Configure HDFS ACLs
    • Install and configure Sentry
    • Configure Hue user authorization and authentication
    • Enable/configure log and query redaction
    • Create encrypted zones in HDFS


    Benchmark the cluster operational metrics, test system configuration for operation and efficiency

    • Execute file system commands via HTTPFS
    • Efficiently copy data within a cluster/between clusters
    • Create/restore a snapshot of an HDFS directory
    • Get/set ACLs for a file or directory structure
    • Benchmark the cluster (I/O, CPU, network)


    Demonstrate ability to find the root cause of a problem, optimize inefficient execution, and resolve resource contention scenarios

    • Resolve errors/warnings in Cloudera Manager
    • Resolve performance problems/errors in cluster operation
    • Determine reason for application failure
    • Configure the Fair Scheduler to resolve application delays

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